Are you a Peak Campus associate with questions about conference? Check out the below frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, use the "Email Us" button located on the bottom of every page to contact a Peak Conference Representative.

1. What if I need to edit my original registration form (includes roommate changes)?

Changes are discouraged once you submit your original registration form. Please answer registration questions, including rooming options, carefully before submitting. This includes speaking with the roommate you'd like to request before submitting your registration. If edits must be made, visit the Registration page and click the "Edit Registration" button. You will need your registration confirmation number to make edits. Edits are only permitted through the date listed on the registration form.

2. Do I have to stay at the hotel if I live in the Orlando area?
Yes, in order to have the full conference experience, you are required to stay at the hotel each night during the conference.

3. If I want to arrange for a single room, what is the cost and how do I arrange payment?
Choose the single room option on the registration form. Peak will pay for 50% of a private room ($115.42/night). You are responsible for your 50% including sales and city taxes. Upon check-in, a personal credit or debit card will be required. Upon check-out, you will be responsible for paying for your 50% portion of the cost of private room for the number of nights during your stay. You will pay this balance to the hotel directly. Checks will not be accepted.

4. Can I arrange to have a roommate of an opposite sex?
No. Opposite sex roommate accommodations cannot be made unless the request involves a married couple.

5. Is there a limit on how much I spend on the airline ticket?
All air travel costs that exceed $500 must be approved by your supervisor prior to purchasing.

6. How do I determine if I am to fly or drive to Orlando?
If you are within 200 miles roundtrip of Orlando, you should drive. Associates living further than 200 miles drive time may make flight arrangements. Please review the Peak Campus Travel Policy on The Pointe for complete details.

7. What times should I schedule my arrival flights?
Schedule arrivals on Monday, 1/8/2017 based on the following:

  • All attendees should arrive to participate in the 5:00 pm EST Vendor Tradeshow, with the exception of:
    • Department Heads, RVPs, and RMs should arrive to participate in the 11:30 pm EST RM Meeting.
    • 2017 New Hires (those hired on or after 1/1/2017) should arrive to attend the 3:00 pm EST New Hire Welcome Reception.
  • Estimated travel time from the airport is 30 minutes. Hotel check-in is at 4:00 pm EST.

All air travel arrangements must be made through Travel Incorporated.

8. What should I pack?

Please refer to the Travel menu of this conference website for What to Wear.

9. Is there Wi-Fi available at the hotel and in my room?

10. I am a vendor sponsor for the event and have questions. Where can I get more information?
Check out the Sponsor page to review important information and tips about the event.

11. What is the deadline for Peak Associates registering to attend the conference?
November 30th is the last day to register. The only exception is for conference eligible associates hired or promoted after November 30th. In such cases, please contact Toni Martinides via email at toni@peakcampus.com to request a manual registration form. Online registration opens on October 30th and closes on November 30th.

Leadership Conference
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